4 Signs Your Basement’s Waterproofing Has Failed

4 Signs Your Basement’s Waterproofing Has Failed

Believe it or not, your home’s basement is the part of your home that’s most vulnerable to water damage. After all, when a strong storm passes by and causes flooding, your basement may sustain water damage if you don’t have the proper waterproofing measures in place. Unfortunately, there are some instances when even your basement’s waterproofing can fail. So, how do you tell if your weatherproofing has failed?

Water Marks on the Walls 

Water marks on your basement walls is the classic sign that your basement waterproofing has failed. According to experts, if your basement’s waterproofing has failed, grading problems and exterior sources of infiltration can cause water marks to appear on your walls.

Presences of Mold 

Apart from the water marks, mold growth is another sign that your basement waterproofing has failed. When you see signs of mold around your basement, it’s vital that you don’t ignore this as it can cause health concerns for you and your household members. With that in mind, as soon as you notice it, call a professional to have it removed in your home.

Damp Odor

If you start smelling a damp, musty odor around your basement, it means that years of water seepage has penetrated your basement due to the failure of your waterproofing measures. 


Ever noticed a white, chalky substance on your basement walls? Those are called efflorescence, a migration of salt to the surface of a porous material like concrete, forming a coating as a result. According to experts, this happens near areas where walls crack due to water damage. If you happen to see efflorescence in your basement walls, it means that your basement’s waterproofing has failed.

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